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Orange Juice and a Mesmerising and Surreal Book


Hello sweeties! I am feeling a lot better today. I don’t have the need to sleep every now and then, and I am able to eat again. I am actually hungry, and that’s a big plus. For me a lot of sleep and c-vitamins is the best medicine. Currently curling up in bed with a Haruki Murakami book and some orange juice. Gonna muster some energy for a shower soon, then I’ll try to upload some pictures from what I wore on Friday. Have been blogging with my phone too much lately.

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Just keep swimming~


Gosh, I miss blogging properly I’m almost crying thinking about it. Just almost. I am trying to wait patiently for an update on my mac, but its really really hard.

So what’s up? I am currently working hard at school for the upcoming NO whole-day writing test this Tuesday and theory test in two weeks. I also have a semester test in math coming up soon.

I am also working out as dedicated as ever. Abs are showing, and it gives you an extra kick. And its nice being inside working out in this lousy weather.

I have also decided to make some Christmas gifts after all, and am habit loads of fun making them. I am getting really satisfied too. I also have to do an organized Christmas shopping soon.

Oh well, I need to sleep now. G’nite~