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Instagram XIV

So its instagram part 14! It’s weird to look at al these photos from when I started to work now that I have finished 5 weeks this summer. I am so happy I can stay up late if I want to, and sleep several hours longer tomorrow. That I can relax and use as long time I want to eat breakfast and get ready for the day. Anyways, the pics are from 15.07-19.07~ As always, click the numbers to see them separate and at full-scale. The number always follows the pictures from left to right.

  • 1. It looked too good to not post it!
  • 2. Yummy Oreo ice cream
  • 3. I really wanted to dip dye my hair some weeks ago.
  • 4. Tired face after monday’s work.

  • 5. Dip dye test! If you wonder how it went; I decided to not do it because it faded to quickly.
  • 6. Lovely curtains, but when you think about it its kinda creepy cuz they all stare at you!
  • 7. Threw my gloves of and had a tiny water break at work.
  • 8. My Starbuck cup was a must-have when I traveled between different locations at work.

  • 9. Cleaned an old company house, I love it but would hire a cleaning staff if I lived there.
  • 10. A coffee before work was also a big need this summer!
  • 11. When my shoes arrived :D
  • 12. Cute note that came with the package~

  • 13. All I did back then was staring at them!
  • 14. I was so in love. I still am ;)
  • 15. feeling macho with heavy-looking weight doing inner thigh squats~!
  • 16. Coffee & chocolate. caffeine and sugar.

  • 17. I love dipping my chocolate in my coffee, yummy~
  • 18. Tried to decide what to wear when I was going to Lele’s place the day after.
  • 19. And had too much to do in a few hours after work!
  • 20. My colleague awesome lunch box.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Sweet weekend pt.2

Saturday was a pretty lazy day, and I guessed we all needed it. I felt pretty content with just watching tv or laying on the floor keeping the bunny with company. Of course some pictures where snapped that day too, so here is some of them :)

Lele with her hair extentions~ Pretty^^

I am in love with this blurry pic, idk why...

Me & Lele wearing our light sunday make-up~

My B-day gift to Lele some years ago~

I love how she has decorated this place in the living room~

This sign fits her so well! Love it~


I adore this pic of their super big clock on the wall, it’s so elegant and decorative.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

What happens when you visit a good friend

As you may (or not) know, I am back at my place in Trondheim. And as you may (or not) know, during the days I spent at my home place I also visited my cutest and sweetest friend. You know how conversations just goes on and on because you can talk about anything? And how you can spend time together in silence just because it doesn’t bother you? And that a lot of different things happen when you’re with THAT friend.

Well.. Here's how those days went by~

We drank coffee. A LOT. Morning, mid-day, after dinner, in the evening.

Had a groggy and early morning, sooo tired, not functioning properly...

Took pictures, talked about cameras and broken lenses, cam-whored.

Had serious conversations, talking about life,problems and school issues.

Stared at and tried to take pictures of not-so-willingly fishes.

Talked fashion, spring wardrobes wishes and colors

Had joyful conversations about life, rabbits, happenings and pinkness

Chopped and ate pineapples, had fun with the slices...

And made smoothie of it, orange and berries of course~

And took pictures of snails on a trip up the walls of its world.

Well, that’s what went on in a very simplified way. I just love spending time with my friends, being carefree, letting the conversations just flow freely. While talking with my friend I realized how much I relax when I’m at my home place, how its kind of my zen and meditate centre. And I realized that wherever I end up living in this world – I’ll always come back here to recharge and relax.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

It’s okay to leave when you know you’ll be back soon

Just as the header is saying, its pretty okay to leave home when you know it’s not long until you get back. When I get back to Trondheim tonight its just 5 small weeks then its easter break and I’m here again, drinking moms strong coffee and eating homemade meals again. Seeing the people I love again.

But I got to admit its going to be great being back in t-town again~ Hearing the cars rush by as I try to sleep, always having the opportunity to go and grab a coffee at a café – I like the urban life.

These breaks do me good in so many ways. It’s like my little personal Zen place. I get time to reflect and think upon things, I get time to truly relax and feel my existence. Kind of meditating and mental training. Also in my head, I’ve been working on the concept of positive thinking. I feel refreshed, by batteries is fully charged. Life is sooo good right now.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Travling by train is so damn uncomfortable

I have never been so happy to get out of the train before as I was early at 9.15 this morning. The train travel have been the hottest and most irritable one in my life. So fresh air in my lungs was very much needed, so good. And it was so good to see my mum again, who had driven all the way up to pick me up.

After walking around in some shops I finally got home and did exactly what I had planned all the time. Crashing on the couch safe at mum & dads place. I got joined by two cats I believe was glad to see me again. Strange how attached you get to animals, even after you have moved away from home~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

No Xmas without Gingerbread

After shopping out in a horrible weather...

..  its nice to warm up in the kitchen making gingerbread.

I loved this cute angle shape~!

It’s always so much fun making gingerbread. We turn on christmas music, sing and dance around in the kitchen and we joke and laugh a lot. It’s one of the best moments during christmas.

The weather outside is definitely not the best...

.. so we have to make the best of it inside. Its windy and raining outside, almost storm. So having a blast inside, its great. We made two types, one with and one without gluten. The one without got really crispy and soft. So tasty~!

I am running back and fort between blogging and helping my dad with the Christmas tree. We just got it up, and we’re going to get the lights on soon so we can decorate it! This night is almost as lovely as christmas eve. I am enjoying these days so much!

XXXXX ([]u[]) y~     – EdgyPop

10 h + 2 h = Home

Well prepared for a 10 hours train trip?

Oh, not really. We had to buy food on the train too. We ate spinach pie, it was yummy~ When I say we, I mean me and my sister. Also, I have never been so sick and tired of sitting before. After 10 hours stuck in the train and 2 hours driving in a car to get home, stretching had never been so good.

While it was daylight outside, the scenery was pretty nice~

We had so much stuff with us, so we were happy that mum and dad had driven up to meet us. The car seat and the snack we bought was almost luxury compared to the train. I was so happy when I got home, the first thing I did was attacking the first cat I saw. It was pretty disturbed by it.

Nerding from home, Oh yeah~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    EdgyPop

Waffle Welcome~

when I came home yesterday, finally after a long day of traveling, I was met with waffles. Oh well, first I was met by hugs and cats, then we made waffles and ate together before I crashed in bed. First time in a very long time I fell asleep immediately. 

And there’s nothing that better than waking up in your own bed, in your own room, to just get up and find a cat to squeeze before you eat breakfast. Mhh, home sweet home. You treasure it a lot more when you live far from home. 

XXXXX ([]u[])/


My Garden Is Green

Although you can’t see much of its color, yes, its god damn green. With some flowers here and there. I like it this way, lot’s of motives and really fun taking pictures of. I love how the light is here, when the sky is clearly blue and the sun is casting its shadows.

This is how sunny days go by: Mum and Dad gets up and start painting. We are shifting colour on our house this summer, from deep red to very light beige. I get up, a bit later than then, but still early enough to get as much sun as possible. Immediately after finishing breakfast I go out and lay down sunbathing.

After some hours I get a bit tired of just laying there listening to music or reading, so I grab my dads SLR and walk around the house a little, snap some pictures and chit-chat with mum or dad. Then I get back to sunbathing.

Oh yes, by the way, I finally got my “signature” on the pictures!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Home Is Where I Relax

Selstad is my sacred paradise, the tiny location between mountains with a nice view to the sea that I love coming home to and spend my summer at. I am a city person, I love living and spending my days among tall skyscrapers and huge crowds, but coming home to this place to take a break is just fantastic!

No matter how many spiders who has bugged and scared me here this is still my free space. No matter how many spiders there will be I’ll alway love coming home to my mum&dad. As much as I’m in love with the big cities, I’m in love with this place.

I love falling asleep to the sound of the river and birds chirping. I love waking up to the same sounds. I love the smell here, it’s so fresh. And if I want sea or forest air they’re both just a few minutes away. I also love that there’s no stores within 10 mins reach by walking. You COULD walk, but it’s pretty long.

Yup, I love this place.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~