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Starting December with some Inspiration: Scawaii

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One day I realized that I was just putting on clothes in the morning without no proper thoughts of composing a proper outfit, and that I hated it. I absolutely felt horrified, because it didn’t sound like me at all. And after talking about gyaru fashion with the norwegian j-fashion community I figured that I would start picking up inspiration from japanese fashion magazines again.

And so I did, starting with Scawaii december edition, to find a bunch of outfits that fits what I want to wear in december. Over sized knits, fake leather pants, tops with leather patches, blazers, high-waisted shorts, over knees, dark colors and cool hats.

Just love it~


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Its (almost) summer time~!

Finally, its June. A new moth needs new inspiration, and as always I like to share some from japanese magazines. Starting with my favorite, Happie Nuts~! I am really used to the magazine focusing on dark colors, even tho spring and summer comes and they put more bright and light colors in their magazine, this issue is surprisingly light. Loving it ~

Above: I really love the color if the dress/jumpsuit/top&shors or whatever it is. Just adore the bright lace and the pastel fabric. I also like the shoes very much. And that skirt in the lover corner. I really really want one *w*

Below: Pastel color block? I like it. Light purple, mint green and bright yellow shoes. I would have ended up looking like an easter bunny, but this looks quite nice.

Above: Just love love love that black tights and the pink shirt with cut-out shoulders.

Below: Is it me or don’t they usually use a warm tone of brown for make-up? Anyways, I like this cold-toned make-up a lot.

Above: Adorable outfits in light colors, I like it~! Like tha variation too.

Below: Oh, the outfit with those cute pink shorts and the beige jacket. I really like the combination, and I envy her hair so much. Also, patterned shoes seems to be really in this summer!

Above: Hairstyles for summer~! I am going to get better at wearing my hats this season. I am also glad to see that the scarf is still a popular accessorize, I know I will be using mine a lot more when the sunny weather sets in. I just feel like they belong together, the sun and the scarf, it makes me feel a bit like a gypsy.

Below: I know I have said that I didn’t like the maxi-dress or maxi-skirt trend, and I really regret it. Oh yes!! I saw it coming some weeks ago, now I am finding myself drooling at the maxi-dress(or skirt?!) below with adorable flowers in warm colors. I might try to get a maxi-skirt or something.

Well, I have learnt my lesson.

Never say I don’t like a style, it might back-fire me. But I can always be sceptic to it before it happens. Anyways, loving this issuez~! I am actually more inspired to let the gyaru style be more than just inspiration now, than what I have before. No, I am not going to go gyaru, but I am going to try to learn more from the style I guess.

Also a little update on the my health situation. I finally went to the doctor yesterday, and I was right. It’s just a virus and I paid sour money afterwards. But its nice to know, now I don’t have to be worried. I just need to let it pass. Really… I suck at being sick, or not 100% well. But I have decided to not work out until after my last exam. I don’t want to risk getting a fever on the day of my oral exam, that would really suck.

Anyways~ Last “normal” day at school today. Yay~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Get your head spinning around

How to start a monday morning, when everything seems hard and you just got no concentration at all? Well, my way of coping with these kind of days is getting some inspiration. I surf pages like Pinterest, Weheartit, tumbler and so on to wake up my head with inspiration. Because it gets my head started and spinning with ideas, that in the end makes me more awake and focused. So this morning I have spent looking through the May edition of Happie Nuts~

Above: I really like the cover of this issue, their make-up is so delicate and nice. Also, they are wearing black and white, kind of symbolises the two type of colors I really adore. Although I have developed a love for bright and pastel colors, I still love black, grey and dark colors.

Below: I am just adoring the light outfits against the blue background. The blue color is super comfortable for my eyes, and it’s also making the girl look tanner. So want to look tanner than what you are? Dress up in blues and mint colors. I also like the floral dress and the yellow shoes~

Above: At first I though the floral dress was a skirt, then I realised it was a dress with a crop top over. It’s just illustrates how diverse outfit you can e make with a dress. Also, I love the cut of the end. I am starting to like this “high front low back” trend. (not sure what to call it)

Below: Paste colors! Simply love the light purple jeans with the blue/turquoise purse. Also love her hairstyle with light color, big waves and a scarf/headband. I like that hair color a lot.

Above: Love love love the outfits with different kind of shorts. Not that I really need any more shorts, I think I got way to many. But I just can’t help myself, I think I’m hooked. Adore the one with stars and red pattern in the pockets.

Below: I also couldn’t help but notice the focus on different styles of doing your eyeliner in the make-up tutorials. I liked how they have taken the inner corner as far in as possible, and the way they make’s the wing at the end. I personally like this style a lot. And I do my wing in so many different ways, I don’t mind adding more styles to my list.

In general it’s a bit surprising seeing such a big scale of light colors in Happie Nuts, I am pretty much used to them going for a darker style. But it nice to see that they too can do some light Photo shoots/outfits.

Credits as tagged and to utsukushiikat

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Get funky in pastel colors~

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As I promised in a post yesterday, here’s some more inspiration of the May issue of Jelly. So many lovely photo shoots and outfits in pastel colors. And so many lovely pieces of clothing. Its giving me way to many shopping ideas, but also a lot of ideas of how to dress up this summer.

Above: Love the dorky poses, and the hairstyles.

Below: I am not a big fan of floral prints, I have never been. But I thin it’s about to change. I love this. (and I’ve also bought myself a loose sweater with floral prints on~)

Above: the ‘one way’ and ‘GYDA’ outfits! Just live the blue shirt and that light pink jacket. And those light purple shoes! WOW.

Below: Adore the picture with the girl in the white dress and red purse. So much life and summer feeling in it.

Above: I love Maya Mori as a model. And this outfit is so likable. Maybe I need to get a pastel colored blazer? Not that I really need any more jackets… But looking through these magazines always give me shopping ideas.

Below: Another fun pictures with lovely outfits from ‘one way’. And those funky shaped sunglases~

Above: THOSE JEANS, enough said. Love the high-waisted model.

There’s so much more lovable to see in this issue of Jelly worth sharing, but I can’t share the whole mag. Although I would love too~ So I really suggest you to take a look on it. I am so ready for warmer weather after looking though it, but it’s so sour and cold outside. Going to get sick if I don’t dress up properly.

XXXXX ([]u[])/

The Queen in pastell~

If you’re really hooked on pastel colors like me I suggest you to take a look on the May issue of Jelly. So many lovely pictures. I am going to make an inspiration post of it. But first I just have to share some pictures of Ayumi in it. So lovely~! I swear that woman looks good in anything, with any hairstyle and any colors. She has always been a huge inspiration source for me.

Credits as tagged and to utsukushiikat

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A litte bit delayed Jelly March Inspiration

Mh, another week and another tired monday. I can’t quite concentrate today about anything, all my thoughts circulate straight back to fashion, a certain someone and the fact that I’m traveling home for Easter Break on thursday. I also have a need to be inspired right now, I need something that gets me going. Inspiration is like fuel to me. Which is why I love the march edition of Jelly, adore all the different photo series they had. Specially the one where they stand on tables. So simple, but pretty cool~

XXXXX ([]u[])t~

Go Happie Nuts, and be inspired for March~

March issue of Happie nuts have been so awesome in many ways!

One of them is the fact that I’ve actually held it in my hands when I visited my friend during winter break. Another is the heavy make-up styles, one of my favorite things about the magazine in general. And that there was some focus on nails – I havent seen much of before. Got to share some of it~

I absolutely love this make-up and tutorial, I might have to try to follow it for once. Not just love what i see. A bit lighter eyeshadow than what I’m fond of, but the heavy eyeliner and lashes compensate for it. Also love the light pink lips in contrast of the framed eyes.

Adore these outfits, so edgy and stylish~ I need to get hold on tights with dotted pattern, and maybe try to give fishnet stocking another try? I also might have to consider finding the perfect denim jacket for spring season instead of the perfect leather jacket!

I wonder how I am supposed to dress up in lighter colors when all I love and get inspired by is dark colors. Love the outfit with the denim shorts matched with a black blazer, and the over-sized top matched with the floral patterned pants. I also like the outfit with the brown over-knee boots, it’s a bit more layering than what I’m fond of. Sounds crazy, eh? I used to be the queen of layers before. I still love every piece of clothing she is wearing tho!

XXXXX ([]u[])/

2x+10=-3x+20… What?

February 2012 issue of Jelly - Credits to Zasshiko.com

I like how its less about bright colors in this issue of Jelly. I also like the boy inspired style. I had kinda decided to cut my hair short too, but seeing all the lovely modes with curly/wavy hairstyle made me wanting to give long hair a second shot.

Been a while since I’ve looked for inspiration in Japanese fashion. Very odd, its my main source. p.s that headline is from my math class, which I’m having right now. Being away from the classes yesterday was very very unwise of me….

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Start the new year inspired to be UNIQUE

Jelly January 2012 edition; Credit as tagged and to Jmagazinescans @ LJ
I couldn’t do without inspiration. Honestly, none of us can.

We might not notice it but we all get inspired though our day. I like to seek out inspiration, which is why I look into fashion magazines. Not to follow the trend, but to get inspired.

If I had the money to go shopping clothes and trends I find, I would love to do so. But then I wouldn’t be unique, and most important; I wouldn’t be me. I also don’t have the money to go around shopping every month when a new magazines hit the stores. Still, I love to feel inspired to try something new, and I believe that’s why I enjoy looking at japanese fashion magazines more than Western.

It's like they encourage me to be unique.

Some might say that it’s just the same, and that it shows the same over and over again. Well, I say, read whats in the final pictures. Combination, the poses, the differences in culture and behavior.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~      – EdgyPop

Jelly Christmas

Jelly December 2011 Edition~
Credit as tagged and to Jmagazinescans @ LJ

Remember how I wrote earlier about how my style had changed without my usual input. Well, it’s changing back. It’s remarkable how much your inspiration affects you! Hence why I think it’s so important to look for it. What would I be without inspiration? What would you be?

I love this edition of Jelly, the colors and the combinations are stunningly awesome.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    EdgyPop