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Inspiration from Barbieyasi.com

Ugh, last day of a workweek is always hard. Of course I fell asleep on the couch again. What was I thinking when I decided to read?! Anyways, after waking up while watching the handball mach between Norway and South-Korea I decided to look through a page I’ve been saving for ever – Barbieyasi.com. And I think I am in love with it. So many beautiful pieces of clothing! It is very dangerous that its payday tomorrow~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Colorado 85

Mh, yes this finally came with the mail yesterday~!

I have never been so anxious and excited about a sweater before. It must have something to do with the rose pattern… I can’t remember how many pieces of clothing with flowers on, that I have turend down while shopping through my life. I’ve been like; flowers on me? noooo. Then I took a small step when I bought a jumpsuit with flowers on, but they where so tiny. Didn’t count.

I am not sure what happened when I came over this at Galstar, it was like instant love. I just knew it would be right for me. Right now I am so glad I dared to buy it. I’m wearing it today and I totally love it. Outfit pictures are coming after I’ve been at the gym.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Packing Strategy

Step one: Throwing everything you want with you in the suitcase.

This strategy is only for clothes. Don’t throw make-up, shoes, books ect. I know you are aware of that, and why ~ This is what I do first every time I pack my suitcase. Just because, in the start I have no clue what so ever what I want with me.

Step two: Fold everything neatly and lay it on the bed...

…sort though it all and take pieces of clothing that gives you multiply of choices for outfits. This part is always difficult. I end up talking with myself, negotiating why I should pick that skirt instead of that one. Then I pack the rest~ I don’t like packing, but I don’t hate it either. Been living away for 5 years now so I’m pretty used to it, as I always travel home for holidays.

Yes, I am home at mum & dads right now. And it’s so peaceful and quiet as always here. After I moved to the center of Trondheim I am noticing this quietness a lot more than before. Right now its quite comfortable. Since traveling always makes me tired, I will probably go to bed pretty soon.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

It suddenly got curly!

Today started with a whole lot of clothe-changing. First it looked like it was going to be sunny, so I dressed up on shorts, then it looked like it was going to rain so I changed to jeggings. THEN, I figured that the temperature was still nice so I changed back to shorts, and now it has rained and it’s even been thunder outside. No way I’m changing back, I’m staying in my shorts.

Just wanted to do a short update, showing of my hair,lol. It got incredible curly after showering this morning. Not sure if it’s going to stay this nice, but Live-chan said I had to try it, it was pretty. So, I’m giving it a try.

Well, just waiting for Live-chan to get ready, then we’re heading out to meet up with Adrian. My BFF, who refuse to be called BFF, but still is although I just call him my buddy.

XXXXX ([]w[])y~


Details On The Brain

I recently blogged about time passing by like a storm, but today has been a slow day. Every time I felt like I had worked for hours I would look at the clock and see that only 5-10 minutes had passed by. Still, when the school closed and working hours where over, time had yet again managed to do a sneaky jump. So weird, and very very playful, time is.

Still, I had a quite slow morning. Spent the first hours just slowly preparing to wake up, eating break fast and reading k-pop news. No, I don’t read the news paper or check the news on internet as I drink my morning coffee. It’s k-pop all the way through my zips, baby. Okay, some J-rock every now and then. Then I go on trying to decide what to wear, and it was quite hard this morning because I wanted to wear my green jeans no matter what.

These are my “Problem Jeans”, or at least what I decided to label them. I hardly wear them, but I can’t throw them away because in my eyes they’re awesome. With the right coloured t-shirt, or with that perfect lose jumper. The only problem has been that I don’t have any of those, until now.

This is one of my newest purchases once again, went with Lele to H&M one day and just couldn’t leave without this. Because it was leopard patterned, grey and is made of such comfy textile is pure joy to wear it. Oh, and it’s loose so it match up with my problem jeans easily! Two pieces of comfy clothes going hand-in-hand. About time!

This outfit is the perfect example of how much of a detail freak I am. I have white nail polish, earrings and there’s a white chain on my necklace. Which there’s also a green one + that hair pin with a green bow matching with my jeans. At last I’m wearing a pair of grey nerd glasses who matches my top and the gray pair of shoes I wore today. Detail freak, I tell you.

XXXXX ([]u[])/


15th of March – With Fur on the head!

Well, it’s another busy week but I’m back at school and it feels a bit good. It’s project collaboration week with the first year students and IRL clients~! Although I’m satisfied with being back at school I kinda miss my internship place. I forgot to tell you, but they were so kind and gave me this bracelet as a thanks for the help. I wish the period was longer than two weeks, I could have learned so much more by being there longer~

Moving on, I’ve been waiting for days for this order to arrive that was shipped on Monday last week. My previous experiences told me that I would have it before the weekend but no, I was disappointed again and again when I checked my post box. Not today, it had finally arrived~!

I am totally satisfied with my purchase once again, Galstar has so many awesome clothes that just fit my style good. And look, white and grey? The colors I love the most at the moment. I also once again really surprised how soft and comfortable the textiles are~ Here’s how they look on:

Luuuuuve them~ Now, I really need to purchase some short singles. At least to match up with the grey top, which I am so looking forward to matching up with my harem pants. Well, need to check my budget? But honestly I’m doing fine, went over 400 NOK in ++++ last month. Which I’m really surprised by because I purchased a lot (clothes, yoga mat, step counter, make-up +).

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


9th of January – Back in BSNS

So I’m back in Trondheim. Arrived late yesterday~ Lele was kind enough to help me drag my luggage from the bus stop and home, and today we did son serious training. Aaaand tomorrow school is starting again. Yeah, its back in business! Have been trying to sort out some paper just lying around, but it’s honestly my closet that need tidying up!

I wonder if I bother doing something about it tonight… Well, actually I kinda have to if I want to get that bag away from the floor. Ultimately I should do it tonight because it gets harder and harder to get motivation to unpack the more your waiting with doing it. The big question here is; will I ever be done with it in time, so I don’t ruining my sleep? Because its school tomorrow, yanno.. And I have stuff to do before.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~