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Cafe Deli Breakfast

On Saturday the 7th of October I overslept a bit and had to get up in a rush. Because I am always the one using longest time to get ready in the morning I had decided to get up a bit early. We had to check out around 11AM, and the staff was kind enough to keep our luggage with them.

Since it was another beautiful morning we decided to walk and find a place to get a simple breakfast. Remembering we walked past two cute looking café’s on out way to the heart of Birmingham on the day before, we settled for Café Deli.

I absolutely adore the interior in here. So friendly.

I think this is the first place that I have been that serves oatmeal with bananas. Don’t even think I have seen that in Norway. And they made us cups of really strong coffee. Perfect in a rushed sunday morning.

I look like I have a blue eye because of the light....

After that we walked the centre and took a taxi to the National Sea-life centre. It was quite a bumpy ride. We had agreed on that we needed to do something tourist-ish when we was there. And I got a crazy amount of pictures from there, which I’ll blog another day when I have more time. I should really be in bed right now. The dissertation proposal has been keeping me awake.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A stroll in Birmingham

In the morning of Saturday the 6th of october, we went down to the reception with the intention of ordering a cab to get to the main shopping street. When we got down there we realized it was a perfect sunny day, there’s no window in the rooms, so we decided to walk instead.

Which I’m glad for, because there is too much to see. Birmingham is a beautiful city, with a lot of old buildings in contrast to new and modern ones.

 And you know me, I love architecture!


Just had to get a picture of this sign, because I find it funny that UK need to have these. And I love how the sun sneaked its rays in the picture.

Below is the beautiful church that was right beside the hotel.

Thos buildings with glass structure seems like majestic gates we have to pass through to enter the heart of the city. Absolutely wonderful how they’re a big contrast to the brick buildings in front of them.

Interesting cross-over for pedestrians,it disappears into the building!



Over the bridge, then the city just hits you like a wave~

Lovely architecture.

This was one of the best parts with the walk, except for finding a place to eat break fast. Look at the contrast between two brick buildings. Light and elegance in contrast to dark and stiff. The red pipes still amuses me.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~





A Friday with you~

Ups, did not intend to leave my blog hanging for so long. Guess that is what happens when you get a visit from Norway, and is pretty busy at school too. Anyways, on Friday 05th of october M got his week of autumn break, and got on a plane to Birmingham. And I got on a train to meet him there.

We spent the weekend in Birmingham staying at Bloc Hotel. Which I am very happy with, because it was lovely and it was placed in a quiet street. It’s a hotel inspired by japanese space-saving design, and has many awesome solutions.

Ofc, I was too happy to see M again to remember taking photos. But I have a lot of pictures from Saturday and Sunday coming up in bit by bit! Stay tuned~:)

XXXXX ([]u[])y~!

I need more bubbles~!

I grew up with a bathtub.

Then we moved to a place in 2001 with no tub, just a shower. Since then I haven’t lived any places with one, until now. I was jumping like a little kid when I decided to take a bath saturday morning. And there’s nothing like spending the morning in a bathtub with hot water and a glass of wine, incense and a burning candle.

When I go to Birmingham this weekend, I’m going to hunt down Lush and purchase some bathing bombs~! So that next time, I’ll have more bubbles!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Walking from South to North

Good Morning, world! The last couple of days we have tried to get several things in box. On Tuesday we had to go to school and check if we had paid our deposit on the university fees. Of course we walked to the south part, and was directed to the north part, which we had walked by on our way to the centre. So we decided to walk to the bank which we were closest too. There they told us that we needed copies of our unconditional letter (uncon). While we were in the city we dropped by Orange to get UK sim cards and numbers.

And that was the ONLY thing that went smoothly that day.

After that we walked to the north part of the University and found our way to the Cashiers. While the others paid the fees, and paid what their bank had managed to charge from the amount of money, I learned that I had paid it all. So I was directed back to the south part to the International centre to update my records in the system.

Since the north part is very close to home, we walked home and got the papers the bank requested. On our second time walking to the bank we dropped by the south part of school and got our records updated. When we got to the bank they then told us that the papers weren’t valid, and that they needed the original uncon. As International students we had only gotten the copy per mail. So we walk to the university for the third time and got our letters printed. After that we where hungry and tired of walking, so we went to the supermarket, bought food and went home.

Yesterday, we walked to the international centre at school so the last two could print their letters, and then we tried the bank for the third time. This time it actually worked. But going through the info and papers took tremendous long time per person because the bank worker had to call and get out identity checked, to confirm that our passes was real and that this was not a fraud. So making the accounts took several hours.

So drinking that coffee at Starbucks afterwards was really heaven.

After that we went to the library to print our university boarding pass, which we need for identity checking at the university. And finally, after that I got to do some shopping! I bought a wonderful shirt, tights, drawing stuff and a cute accessorize organizer. Oh my, all this must be so boring of you to read. Lets get started on some pictures I took while we walked to the bank yesterday, so I can show a bit of the area we live in! :)

This is the MX building where the finance department is,
it's the part of the university that is closest to our place.

On our way to the university we have to walk past the stadium 
for the local football club. Yes, we live about 10 mins way from this thing. 
I wonder if we will hear it when they play home matches....! 

The art & design building of the university.
I am wondering if we are going to spend a lot of time here. 
The building is both iconic and horrifying. 

The Wanderer, whom I'm not sure whether is a pub or a restaurant. 
Right by the south part of the university.

The main bus street in town.

The big ring, containing several banks and shops including Lloyds TSB.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Wants & Life ~



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1. Two colored message shirt. 2. Chiffon shirt with collar details.
3. Fake leather skirt w/star studs.  4. Baroque patterned t-shirt.
5. Cross patterned t-shirt/one-piece  6. Shoulder studs Dolman top

1. Tailored collar jacket  2. Cross & studded 3/4 sleeved top. 
3. Studs & print t-shirt  4. Asymmetric top w/studs & other details.

1. Long sleeved top with colored metallic paint drops.  
2. Studded military shirt.

The last two pieces is totally the ones I’m drooling the most on. So many wants from GALSTAR right now~! I would just love to get the top with metallic paint drops in grey, but I’m trying hard to not buy anything as I’m leaving for England in one week. Actually, in one week from now I’ll be sitting in either a hotel room or the house we are trying to get a signed deal on. And I bet I will be freaking out.

Anyways, I really do hope some of these still is available when I get settled and can order from GALSTAR again.

Right now I am enjoying being in Trondheim where I have studied for 3 years already. I am staying at M’s place and spending the time with friends, going to the gym and of course spending as much time with M as possible~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Inspiration for June/start of this summer~

Stuff I want to do:
  • 1. Go to café’s and order coffee with friends. Preferably frappes to take out in the sun.
  • 2. Lay down on a grass field having picnics with someone dear
  • 3. Prepare to become a student in Wolverhampton
  • 4. Have fun on the beach with lovely people

Things I want to purchase:
  • 1. Some awfully nerdy and lovely glasses
  • 2. Cute pink shoes,preferably wedges like these, and preferably in a size that actually fits
  • 3. Some cool shades where people can’t see my eyes
  • 4. More lovable rings~!

I want to wear:
  • 1. Lace top over my bikini on my way to the beach
  • 2. Bright colored lipsticks like a pro
  • 3. Floral patterned pieces of clothing
  • 4. A stylish shirt with cut-out shoulders

And I just want to:
  • 1. Be super stylish through the summer
  • 2. Smell the sea and feel the breeze on my skin
  • 3. Be colorful and happy
  • 4. Enjoy my cup of coffee and my love.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~