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Instagram XIX

Oh, its time for another Instagram post. This will be the last big one, I’m going back to small updates again. This is because I am totally up to date with my post. The last few pictures is from yesterday. So enjoy this little piece of how my last weeks have been :)

  • 1. This was me trying to work but had no concentration
  • 2. Outfit~
  • 3. Detail, love having my gray over-knees of my lovely Ann Summers classy over-knees.~
  • 4. Another short&hat outfit :)

  • 5. A good hair day :)
  • 6. Check out my awesome goggles!
  • 7. Autumn in Wolverhampton
  • 8. So many leaves~

  • 9. Make-up I did almost every day a year ago.
  • 10. Golden tree bathed in sun.
  • 11. Headskull glass, love it~!
  • 12. From the Bonfire&Fireworks event.

  • 13. Super awesome rocket carousel :)
  • 14. Amazing firework show!
  • 15. Close-up of firework.
  • 16. Releasing all the stress!

  • 17. In love with my new fake leather peplum skirt from Galstar.
  • 18. Very satisfied with my new baked eyeshadow in Bark from elf.
  • 19. What happens when I let my hair dry naturally and then comb it. It gets big.
  • 20. Lovely order I got from Elf Cosmetics!

  • 21. So satisfied with the blue in Coy and the baked eyeshadow in Bark.
  • 22. And so in love with my new lipsticks~
  • 23. Pretty shoes that I want!
  • 24. Guess what my roommate is studying?!

  • 25. Was finally editing firework pictures.
  • 26. Lovely over-Knees from Ann Summers.
  • 27. Belt from ASOS, totally in love with it!
  • 28. To much work to do at one night. It was a loooong night.

  • 29. Trolls served me coffee one morning.
  • 30. Getting ready to fix my ombre hair!
  • 31. Old outfit, coordinating blazer with shorts for the first time.
  • 32. Say Hello to my new boots from SoYoShoes.

  • 33. Big woollen scarfs, I love them.
  • 34. Black&White.
  • 35. Cake!
  • 36. My waiting-for-coffee-to-work-morning face.

  • 37. Chocolate brownie drink. Because I can.
  • 38. Because it was saturday!
  • 39. From my Self Reflection post yesterday.
  • 40. My new boots had their first trip outdoors yesterday!
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Window shopping for new shoes in the morning~

Oh, right now I’m pretty much guilty in just partially paying attention to the class, and partially drooling on shoes. Which I’ve been drooling on all week. I just want them. It’s a total irrational feeling of want. Want, Want and Want. I’m such a shopaholic girl sometimes, although I’m mostly just “window shopping”.

These overknees shoes are lovely~!

I never dared to buy such long shoes because I’ve been fearing that I’ll look ever shorter wearing them. Hence why I want them in black, but I am not sure I dare too.

I also want these in black~!

This is another type of shoes I’ve never dared to buy before. This time it’s because I’m scared that my feet will look too big and clownish compared to my tiny frame. But these pictures convinced me that may not be the case at all.

These I'm absolutely sure I want in white~!

Its said that wearing light-colored shoes makes you appear taller, especially if they’re beige/skin colored. I’m not so sure I believe that, but I’m just curious. And I’ve never owned white shoes before… Time to try something new? I’m just afraid these would be a pain in the ass to walk in…

Oh, all these lovely shoes.. What to do, what to do?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

As I Travel Along the Road

My school bag is awesome isn't it? Cutest ever~


I love how my new bag match my boots so good, and I also adore my new hat. I always wanted a bit cuter and rounder hat, rather than those biiig shaper ones. Also nice to wear something else that my caps for once. The beige flannel shirt is really comfortable, I like the feeling of the fabric.

Late night blogging huh? Going to bed asap! G’nite, sweeties.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

“I’m just waiting for Mario”

Yes, this cap have earned med that nickname.

Just another late update on yesterday outfit. I love my mario cap although its a little bit to big on my head. It has also been a long time since I’ve worn my favorite grey top, I just love how lose and comfy it is! One of the best buys I’ve done from Galstar.

I am realising I’ve should have purchased more denim shorts during the summer, I only got one and I want to wear it all the time. Un-fitted H&M shorts just aren’t that cool. I need more shorts that fits, doesn’t have to be denim, but who buys shorts during fall/winter seasons?!?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Shoes from Far Far Away

I’ve been talking about my new shoes for a while now, to people who doesn’t live in Trondheim, like family and friends at home. I have just realised I haven’t posted pictures of them at my blog at all. Curious about my new Hong Kong/Chinese shoes?

The caramel colored boots are lovely~! They smelled weird when I opened the shoe box, but the quality really surprised me. For around just 250NOK the quality is pretty good. The black ankle boots looks cheap and feels cheap. But hey, for only 180NOK, I don’t mind if they are broken within 3 months.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


First School day: Sweet~!



First day at school today, and the first impression is pretty sweet. The building is lovely, the people is sweet, and my classmates is friendly. First impression tells me that I think this is going to be a pretty much okay year.

Talking about first impressions, I struggled for a bit trying to decide what to wear, how to do my hair, what kind of make-up style ect.. Because I would leave a first impression of myself too. In the end I went for both lenses and lashes and probably made people think of me as a make-up doll.

This is kinda a sneak peek at my place, and yeah, please don’t min the mess around. I’m still not 100% settled here yet. Anyways, I’ve always wanted to match up my denim shorts and vertical striped tights. What do you think? I love it, although I think it would look better with ankle boots. Well, there is a pair that’s been shipped to me today. Can’t wait!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



It’s Harem Friendly!

Well, I had a visit over this weekend. Lena came on saturday and stayed over until sunday. We had a lot of fun, and we surely did a lot of fangirling over kpop artists. We were both happy that we finally had someone to share that interest with. It really was a great weekend, and I have some pictures of some fine smoothie we made, which I’ll post later.

On Saturday we met at Ørnes to check out Liv og Røre, and the few stores we got. Of course I ended up doing some shopping, it’s so easy to fall in the trap when its sale everywhere.

So I got a new addition to my collection of harem pants. So far I got 3, YEY. I thought this was the coolest pants ever, but no one does agree with me. Mum thinks they’re horrible. I love them. They really look like some old-style underpants, so weird and cool.

I also came over some great black boots, and I’ve been meaning to get new ones. It’s been a while since I had black ones, so when I found one pair in my “size” I had to purchase them. With “size” I mean size 36. I really use size 35, which you can only get in the child department.

They don’t fit me perfectly, but is comfortable enough to use. They are by far the most harem pants friendly boots I ever had. Just made to be combined with such pants! Love them~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Boots, Denim and Blondes

Ah, well there’s more to the outfit than just that. Boots, denim shorts, blondes, stripes, shoulder bag, faux fox tail, accessorize and the hat. My beloved hat. Click at the pictures above to see the description of the outfit.

At school we learned that 3 effects is the most to be used in interior. It’s a total joke right, rules are meant to be broken in all creative prospects.

This top is possibly going to become my favorite this summer, with its see-through blonde back and short length. The only reason I’m not showing my belly is because of my beloved high waist shorts.

My legs look so pale, even tho I’ve been sunbathing. I need more sunny weather and time outside, and I need it this week. Next monday I’m starting to work from 7AM to 3PM monday to friday for 5 weeks. A poor student like me need to save up some money for next school year.

Vortex of Industry

There’s no wonder I can’t get to sleep when I spend the whole day I’m awake in front of a laptop screen. I HAD planned to train or go out for a walk but time skipped on me once again and it was too late. I’m a bit relieved that I’m actually starting to feel tired. Training early tomorrow then. It might help me get focused too.

I just realised I wore something quite similar to this about 6 days ago. Oh I guess that’s what happen when you like a combination.

I’m actually quite happy I wore my grey boots, I’ve missed them so much. Still, I hardly dear to wear them because they’re seconds from falling apart, worn out and crappy looking. I love this kind of boots, so I desperately need to purchase something similar to these before I get rid of them.

Oh, and those who know me/have talked to me the past 24 hours saw this one coming (how could you not; the headline!). My absolutely favorite Jrock band has released their new single and PV. They never stop to amaze my with their works, and they always make a new sound, always. If it’s even possible, Ruki’s vocals has improved even more, and I am really impressed by Aoi’s and Uruha’s skills on the guitar.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~