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We Heart Sushi~

We had been whining for a very long time how much we wanted sushi but couldn’t find sushi rice anywhere. We just hadn’t looked good enough, because suddenly it was there. Not daring to let it out of our sight again we dropped in our shopping basket and purchased all the ingredients. It was sushi sunday!

And gosh is was delicious to finally eat and taste it 
after so many weeks of longing~


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Bonfire & Fireworks~

Oh yeah it’s been quite busy lately. Too much to do on too little time, and that’s just uni work. I am also supposed to see and experience stuff since I’m in another country. So I found some time on saturday to go to the bonfire and fireworks event~

Started the evening with homemade pizza and a nice atmosphere, and I was looking more and more forward to the fireworks. Children’s shows went off much earlier so we could hear it before going out.

While walking there we could smell the fireworks smoke.

We expected a bonfire, music and fireworks. Little did we know that the bonfire would be huge, that there would be a Tivoli there, that there would be shops selling toffee apples and cotton candy. And by all means, we didn’t expect the fireworks to last for 20 minutes, or being synced to blasting loud music.

It just made my night, actually, it made my weekend.

It was to awesome when the fireworks went with the beat of “I’m sexy and I know it”, a Muse song I don’t remember the name off, Ozzy Osbourne, and of course “Wonder Wall”!.

Here's a taste of the fireworks, 
to many pictures to put it all into one post :)


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram XVII


Finally, I have reached my departure and arrival in UK in this Instagram update. This is during the first weeks in Wolverhampton and freshers week at the Uni. Enjoy~

  • 1. The handy couple installed new knots in M’s Kitchen
  • 2. Accessorize ~
  • 3. Outfit details.
  • 4. Totally missed this when I was in t-town…. (a coffee event)


  • 5. Tickets was ordered, house deal was almost signed, back then I had butterflies in my tummy!
  • 6. Pizza & Movies with my man!
  • 7. And I totally bought a new shirt before going abroad (there where space in my suitcase, ok!)
  • 8. Tired face after dinner and signing forms.


  • 9. Accessorizes once again~
  • 10. Desperately drying clothes 20 hours before leaving.
  • 11. M was sleeping and I was packing, 2 hours before leaving.
  • 12. Forst UK instagram HAD to be of a Starbucks cup.


  • 13. Outside the south part of the Uni.
  • 14. Ofc I got sick, but UK has wonderful stuff called strepsils and cold&flu relief.
  • 15. Halloumi salad!
  • 16. The wisest thing I did before leaving, buying a proper wallet!


  • 17. Uk got Quorn’s vegetarian lasagne~
  • 18. First night in the new house.
  • 19. Miss a lot of clothes, but at least I got my favorite shirts.
  • 20. Made tomato soup for the ladies~


  • 21. Reading this!
  • 22. Huge cup of coffee at Starbucks.
  • 23. One of the girls made burgers for dinner, yummy!
  • 24. Hot Lava Java coffee, the strongest coffee I could find.


  • 25. Love my suspender tights (and my new shirt, yes another one!)
  • 26. New bracelets from claire, Love them!
  • 27. Kitty in our backyard!
  • 28. Dying my hair, getting rid of that yellow tone.


  • 29. Adorable new book about paint and colors.
  • 30. spotted in a toilet in UK…. common sense?
  • 31. Lousy structures being built as a fresher task at school.
  • 32. starburst caramel wrappers is so cute.


  • 33. New top from Galstar with metallic paint print, love it!
  • 34. Missing you, M! (my dashboard background)
  • 35. Saturday night, wine + sweets+interior magazines.
  • 36. Making a list of designers and suppliers.


  • 37. Hairstyle! Don’t do this often enough.
  • 38. What usually happens when I get tired of reading…
  • 39. Totally addicted to doing this.
  • 40. Hair & make-up~
XXXXXX ([]u[])y~



Friday = Pizza

Friday equals pizza in this house. It’s that day when everyone is tired from the week, when nobody can bother coming up with something to make for dinner, and when we all want to celebrate that it’s finally weekend. Yes, that’s pizza friday.

Should totally have posted this on friday. But I suddenly have too much to post, and I’m falling behind.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Folding pages~

This is what happens when I get tired of reading magazines.

I believe I did something similar to my history text-book during the autumn last year.

I’ve spent yesterday evening and todays morning with reading an interior magazine while taking notes of designer names and suppliers. I’m only half way though, and look at that list! The unorganized notes in the bottom corner are trends of material and colors. I need to update myself before I start at school for real on Tuesday!

mh, yummy spearmint candy~

The lens I got with my SLR camera might not be the best, but it's quite  
easy to play with the focus and make blurry parts with it.

XXXXX ([]u[]y~



Walking from South to North

Good Morning, world! The last couple of days we have tried to get several things in box. On Tuesday we had to go to school and check if we had paid our deposit on the university fees. Of course we walked to the south part, and was directed to the north part, which we had walked by on our way to the centre. So we decided to walk to the bank which we were closest too. There they told us that we needed copies of our unconditional letter (uncon). While we were in the city we dropped by Orange to get UK sim cards and numbers.

And that was the ONLY thing that went smoothly that day.

After that we walked to the north part of the University and found our way to the Cashiers. While the others paid the fees, and paid what their bank had managed to charge from the amount of money, I learned that I had paid it all. So I was directed back to the south part to the International centre to update my records in the system.

Since the north part is very close to home, we walked home and got the papers the bank requested. On our second time walking to the bank we dropped by the south part of school and got our records updated. When we got to the bank they then told us that the papers weren’t valid, and that they needed the original uncon. As International students we had only gotten the copy per mail. So we walk to the university for the third time and got our letters printed. After that we where hungry and tired of walking, so we went to the supermarket, bought food and went home.

Yesterday, we walked to the international centre at school so the last two could print their letters, and then we tried the bank for the third time. This time it actually worked. But going through the info and papers took tremendous long time per person because the bank worker had to call and get out identity checked, to confirm that our passes was real and that this was not a fraud. So making the accounts took several hours.

So drinking that coffee at Starbucks afterwards was really heaven.

After that we went to the library to print our university boarding pass, which we need for identity checking at the university. And finally, after that I got to do some shopping! I bought a wonderful shirt, tights, drawing stuff and a cute accessorize organizer. Oh my, all this must be so boring of you to read. Lets get started on some pictures I took while we walked to the bank yesterday, so I can show a bit of the area we live in! :)

This is the MX building where the finance department is,
it's the part of the university that is closest to our place.

On our way to the university we have to walk past the stadium 
for the local football club. Yes, we live about 10 mins way from this thing. 
I wonder if we will hear it when they play home matches....! 

The art & design building of the university.
I am wondering if we are going to spend a lot of time here. 
The building is both iconic and horrifying. 

The Wanderer, whom I'm not sure whether is a pub or a restaurant. 
Right by the south part of the university.

The main bus street in town.

The big ring, containing several banks and shops including Lloyds TSB.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~