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Inspiration from Barbieyasi.com

Ugh, last day of a workweek is always hard. Of course I fell asleep on the couch again. What was I thinking when I decided to read?! Anyways, after waking up while watching the handball mach between Norway and South-Korea I decided to look through a page I’ve been saving for ever – Barbieyasi.com. And I think I am in love with it. So many beautiful pieces of clothing! It is very dangerous that its payday tomorrow~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A Whole lot of Pink~ 


Pink! Best word to describe my outfit for today. I have been wanting to make an outfit like this for ages, so when I purchased the pink shorts yesterday I had a clear plan of what to wear today when I woke up. I am such a fan of this kind of outfits, just focusing on one color. Choosing different fabrics, textures, patterns and tones of the color will make sure it don’t look dull or crazy. The top of it all, making it perfect, is the bright pink accessories and lipstick.

There’s actually one thing I don’t like about this outfit, and that is the black tights I had to wear. I only got black tights in different patterns. Oh, and crazy colored ones with floral patterns (it was SO in 2 years ago in my wardrobe at least). So I went out hunting for lighter tights, lighter black ones or skin colored ones. And I found some~! Not telling where yet, because I didn’t buy them – have my wallet with me! So I’m just hoping their still there tomorrow.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A little taste of pink~

yay, for over-edited sucky cam pics...

A little preview of todays outfit. It’s so pink I am not sure if it’s allowed. Anyways, I loved it. Just adore outfits in just one color. Kinda the total opposite of the color block style. I have a few things that I need to do before I can take pictures and blog the entire outfit. I have to go grocery shopping, as I am starting to get a little low on food.

I also got a package slip from galstar in my mail box, so I am going to go and pick it up. I can’t wait to get to see the mint green sweater with roses on in real life. I hope it really is mint mint mint green. And that it will fitt to my newly bought mint green shorts. If so, I am going to do another one color outfit tomorrow~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

This is an obsession, it has to be.


Pink. Pink. Pink. My brain is totally invaded by pink. It is becoming and obsession. I remember there was a time when I thought I would never ever like pink. But something changes, specially when I became friends with a pink-lover of a girl, my best friend. I have posted it before, how pink have sneaked up on me through my life. Just look on the Info Pop page.

Anyways, it just had to happen that I would buy a seriously bright pink lipstick too. I have become obsessed with matching my lips to my accessorize. And lately I have bought a pink ring and bracelet to be able to do so 100%.

Also this was the one friday I just couldn’t find anything to wear, so I ended up wearing my pink shirt and the black ‘baseball’ shorts. Strange how outfits work out so well when you just have turned your closet up-side-down in distress.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Dolly and feminine, but yet not too girly and cute


This is not yesterday’s look, but the day before yesterday, Tuesday’s look. Which I was supposed to post yesterday morning, but I simply was too tired. Still, I want to share it because I’m really satisfied with the combination of the high-waisted skirt and my new light pink lace shirt.

So dolly and feminine, but yet not too girly and cute for me. Love how perfect the shirt sits on me. I am so grateful for being tiny and that I fit japanese one size clothes perfectly well. I must say I am also very satisfied with how well-defined my legs look on that one pic. Training pilates really have made some difference~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

I have never been so happy spending 500NOK on clothes before

That's right. Those two shirts was absolutely worth every single penny!

Well, technically I didn’t pay in penny, and technically they didn’t cost me 500NOK. 398NOK for the shirts + shipping from japan, + 102NOK because of Norway’s stupid import fees. Still all worth it!

This shirt is absolutely fabulous. The color is really light pastel pink, and I feel so feminine and girly in it. And I absolutely love the lace pattern and how its a totally see-through shirt. I need to get hold on some strapless bra-tops-ishy things, preferably in black, white and pink. Need to go on a hunt tomorrow. Oh, and the fabric is really comfortable. I was so afraid that it would itch, some lace fabrics tends to.

I also absolutely love how stiff the collar is! It stays in shape.

This one is a totally classic and feminine chiffon shirt. So elegant with the pieces of fabric across the chest and those cute golden buttons. This will look so awesome and good with all the high-waisted shorts I got, and not to mention how it would match up with my weekday jeans.

Oh, I really just can’t wait to dress up and coordinate outfits with these. Which one to start with for tomorrow? Lace or chiffon? Pink or creamy white?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Monday: All the things I want

I shouldn’t spend so much time looking through Galstars’s online store, specially not since I’m getting a package from them today with two beautiful shirts (hopefully). But there’s so many things I want, and they’re all either lace, chiffon or see-through, or black, white or pink! I just love the femininity of these fabrics, cuts and details.

As for the colors, black, white and pastel pink might be the colors that’s going to sneak their way into my style this spring/season. I can probably add mint green to that to. But let’s be honest, I can’t afford all this, and some of the items is bound to be sold out pretty soon. I just can’t decide what to prioritize first~!

Well, so these are all the things I currently want fashion vise.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


I don’t think I can ever get enough shirts in my closet.

I was originally getting up early to work on my NO dept study essay, but I got a bit occupied with drooling on clothes at my favorite shop, Galstar. And I came over these 3 shirts I just got to have!

The red one here is sold out sadly, the bordeaux color looks amazing~

But the other colors looks good too, hm mocha, green and/or black?

This lace shirt is so cute, I got to have it in pink! And white....

The black one here is sold out, but I don't mind I want it in white~!

Gosh these shirts, I want them so much. I got like 6 shirts already in my closet, but apparently I want at least 5 more. Which color to get is always the hardest thing choosing, making me want the two first ones in different colors.  Yay or Nay? Buy or save money?

XXXXX ([]u[])/