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Christmas decoration ~

Uni life just keep getting busier and busier, today its two weeks before hand in and I find myself feeling a little bit robotic. I just work, eat, sleep. Then get up to work some more. Still, somewhere inside that robotic girl there is passion. Maybe a bit frustration, but definitely lots of real passion.

Because why else would I accept drowning in this work?

But due to a lot of work and little time to look around and appreciate, it is hard to find that Christmas feeling and atmosphere. So I insisted on buying a pre-lit christmas tree rising 90 cm over the ground. I really insisted. And I got my wish and some red christmas bulbs and golden glitter! It has its charm where its standing in the living room greeting me good morning every morning when I eat my breakfast. Love it!


Christmas tree and  my lovely school bag ;3

03dec_02 03dec_03

Knitted over-knees on cold days are best <3


Beautiful christmas tree with student "work" in the background!
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Out in the sparkling snow we go~ 


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Okay, it was more of out in the sun we go and enjoy the sparkling snow while we try to take pictures of it. I actually managed to capture some of the sparkle, although in real life there was a lot more than what it shows in the pictures. I am also quite happy I took two of my favorite knitted sweaters with me. It’s so comfortable sitting in the sun in it, instead of drowning in a huge winter jacket. It is also how I get out of the house and get some fresh air, to walk around and take pictures of stuff or just sitting on the balcony enjoying the sun. Not much else to do outside, but I am not complaining. Its nice~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

From rain, to snow and sunny weather

How it looked outside yesterday.I was surprisedn when I woke up.

This is how it is today, winter isn't over yet.

It is quite nice with the sun peeping through every now and then. We tried to make the best out if it and drank our morning coffee outside. It’s quite incredible how much the sun is warming already.

Later this evening I enjoyed some Kvikk Lunsj and Solo while I’ve tried to study some. Just because I feel that the subjects we’re going through in Science is quite complex.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~ 

Who says I can’t wear denim shorts during winter?

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It’s really cold outside these days, but that wont stop me from wearing my favorite denim shorts. Nope, never. Just wear two pair of tights and some overknees, and ta-dah~ And of course, wear a thick jacket that goes beneath your bum. Love the deep dull red color of the flannel shirt in contrast to the bright and light denim shorts.

And of course, the lovely tights with starts... again.

Now, I’m trying to convince myself to hit the gym. Just to get started. I need to feel awake and healthy. I’m not sick anymore, and I can’t blame my laziness on my missing mp3 player any more. I found it in a rather un-clever place. My SLR camera bag….

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Pretty and Painfull

I swear these are the most painful shores I've ever walked in~

But I love them so much, I just have to force myself to wear them sometimes. I have the believe that if I use them often enough I will get used to them. Walking in them is fine, but after a while my ankles starts hurting badly. I love them too much to care!

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“Watch Out – The Russian Cold is Comming!”

Thats what it said on the front page of an tabloid last week...

….it also stated that it COULD get as cold as -35 degrees. Its the biggest bullshit ever. But then again, norwegian tabloids are know for spreading just bullshit. Its just -7 degrees outside. Yeah just, that’s what you would say if you have lived in Bodø, or further north. -10 degrees is like nothing for us. And I don’t get why people here in Trondheim is complaining, last winter there was -20 degrees outside and we survived that. Stop being pussies, just dress according to the weather.

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When the Sun is Just Above the Horizon

That's when the light outside is the most enchanting and interesting.

I also like the light outside during the dawn, but when the sun get just above the horizon is the favorite. Love the contrasts you can find then. It’s just as sunny and nice outside today, and for nice I’ve remembered my glows. Although I’m using my free time between class to finish off some homework instead of snapping pictures. Got to prioritize you know.

I hope the weather stays this way till the weekend, then I can get out during the morning hours and snap some shots I’ve been thinking of since yesterday. Because it’s now when the sun is low this light is around 08-11 in the morning, and not crazy early as it usually is.

Meep, got to get back to my homework before my calc class starts!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Oh Sweet Sunny Day

The weather outside today is cold, but amazing!

The rays from the sun and hint of early morning fog had me lured out of school for the two free hours after early  classes. I just couldn’t help myself, even if I’ve just been sick and had forgotten my gloves. I took so many pictures I don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing what to post. I am going to feel my hands twitching in need of looking through them during math classes that starts in 2 min! Probability calc, wish me good luck understanding!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~