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Inspiration for June/start of this summer~

Stuff I want to do:
  • 1. Go to café’s and order coffee with friends. Preferably frappes to take out in the sun.
  • 2. Lay down on a grass field having picnics with someone dear
  • 3. Prepare to become a student in Wolverhampton
  • 4. Have fun on the beach with lovely people

Things I want to purchase:
  • 1. Some awfully nerdy and lovely glasses
  • 2. Cute pink shoes,preferably wedges like these, and preferably in a size that actually fits
  • 3. Some cool shades where people can’t see my eyes
  • 4. More lovable rings~!

I want to wear:
  • 1. Lace top over my bikini on my way to the beach
  • 2. Bright colored lipsticks like a pro
  • 3. Floral patterned pieces of clothing
  • 4. A stylish shirt with cut-out shoulders

And I just want to:
  • 1. Be super stylish through the summer
  • 2. Smell the sea and feel the breeze on my skin
  • 3. Be colorful and happy
  • 4. Enjoy my cup of coffee and my love.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~


A look back at April and May…

Finally made a collage of my outfits for April and May.

Its been two pretty much outfit-less blogging months. I have no idea what happened… I went from 3-5 to just 1 outfit post per month. And I have no one from june! I need to do something with that!

I like what I see tho, less black and more colours~! and many different hairstyles, but I am totally loving the side pony tail. I am going to be working it in many different ways this summer.

Now I need to get started on packing. I need to figure out how to pack all of my stuff and get it north to my parents. But I have no clue how!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Get funky in pastel colors~

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As I promised in a post yesterday, here’s some more inspiration of the May issue of Jelly. So many lovely photo shoots and outfits in pastel colors. And so many lovely pieces of clothing. Its giving me way to many shopping ideas, but also a lot of ideas of how to dress up this summer.

Above: Love the dorky poses, and the hairstyles.

Below: I am not a big fan of floral prints, I have never been. But I thin it’s about to change. I love this. (and I’ve also bought myself a loose sweater with floral prints on~)

Above: the ‘one way’ and ‘GYDA’ outfits! Just live the blue shirt and that light pink jacket. And those light purple shoes! WOW.

Below: Adore the picture with the girl in the white dress and red purse. So much life and summer feeling in it.

Above: I love Maya Mori as a model. And this outfit is so likable. Maybe I need to get a pastel colored blazer? Not that I really need any more jackets… But looking through these magazines always give me shopping ideas.

Below: Another fun pictures with lovely outfits from ‘one way’. And those funky shaped sunglases~

Above: THOSE JEANS, enough said. Love the high-waisted model.

There’s so much more lovable to see in this issue of Jelly worth sharing, but I can’t share the whole mag. Although I would love too~ So I really suggest you to take a look on it. I am so ready for warmer weather after looking though it, but it’s so sour and cold outside. Going to get sick if I don’t dress up properly.

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Candy colors~

The minute I uploaded these pics I realised I should have done this update at home, so I could have written what colours these nail polish are in! Because I found some nice pink colored ones in the bathroom. But assuming their my mums, I couldn’t just steal them with me. And don’t as me why I didn’t write it down. Bad planing! But nice colors.

Love the shiny and baby pink one from Yves Rocher, and the more red-pink one from Depend. Also adore the combination! First time in ages I actually did it symmetrical, I am more fan if asymmetric  – choosing just one nail here, or two there to be another colour than the main. A totally fun way to get and play with some colors during your day~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Just as colorful as the surroundings ~

Me behind the desk at the local handcrafts shop~ Just for fun, where no customers inside right then. I think this must be my most colorful outfit during easter break. Just as colorful as the store.

I have also been pretty tired of using lashes lately, but the 3 past day’s I have been wearing them every day. It goes up and down, but this time the down period have been pretty long. I have been serious considering if I would ever bother to wear lashes any more. All  I needed was just to fall on love with a simple style of gyaru make-up and some simple but a bit dramatic pair of lashes. Love them~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A little pink here, a little pink there~

Details, details – it’s always so important for me to pay attention to details. Maybe because I’m an interior designer, and maybe because I like matching up stuff through colors. When I am wearing a pink shirt like I am doing now, you can bet that my accessories got some pink in them. And if I did my nails the same day, they would be pink too. I am even wearing my pink lipstick. Matching freak, me? Maybe ;)

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Colors and food for energy boost

I was feeling a little low on energy the other day and really didn’t feel like working out at all. So I decided to make a simple meal and put it in small colorful bowls in hope to get my energy boosting again. Fresh red grapes, hazelnut, walnut, almonds and a bowl of oat’s and homemade muesli with oatmilk. I must say it worked pretty good.

Had a solid workout yesterday, and I feel it in my legs today!

I just got to say it again; I love working out to Cassey Ho’s Pilates videos. I love strength training moves using my own bodyweight. Just in 6 weeks I’ve gotten more fit than I have ever been. I have never had such defined muscles before, and moving around have never been so effortless. I am getting stronger and I like it!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

April is the month of so much.

The winter is fighting the summer, an sometime it all will envolve into spring. Which means mild temperatures, and everything colorless will slowely turn more greener. It also means that my style and closet is in the middle of changing from layers, knitted sweaters and overknees to more lighter and colorful options. It is also that time fo the year when school is more busy and time consumint than you ever thought it could possibly get. The final tests befor exam is around the corner. Which means that exam nerves is creeping closer to your gut. It means that you’ll start looking forward to its all over, and you’ll be free for summer break. So I decided to make an inspiration post to welcome this month of so so much.

#1 Spring: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4. 

#2 Colors: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4.

#3 Trends: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4. 

#4 School: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4

#5 Happiness: credits Pic 1., Pic 2., Pic 3., Pic 4.

So, like before I’ve linked back to where I’ve found them at Weheartit.com who is linking back to the original source. Puh! I’ve never worked so hard with making collages and likin to the source for an update before. This took hours, might have something to do with the fact that I was watching tv at the same time. Crime series for easter is a must.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Inspiration: Spring is almost here!

Hey! (wow, that's a rare thing of me to write)

I just wanted to make a little inspiration post for spring. Or, technically it’s not for spring, this is to keep me going untill springs hits the surface of this town. Because today when I went outside, it smelled like spring. The breeze had a hint of warmth in it. I was so awake walking to school. It was simply amazing. It simply had to be conveyed into an inspiration post. So lets keep on going until spring finally comes!

Credits to the ones who owns the pictures~!

I’ve tried my best to link back to where I found the pictures, just click on the pictures and you’ll be led to the source. I am so ready for spring and more colors, are you? I’m so ready I just had to change my blog design. Love the mint green color~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Turn your day around and think positive

Yes, I was dreading to sit down and start working on my dept study on twitter. Just because there is a lot to analyze and write. So after reading some about positive thinking, how to make things you’re dreading into something you like. So I just wrote positive words and quotes on some post-it stickers and decorated my laptop with them.

I probably didn’t get any more concentrated, but at least my day got more happy and colorful. It left me a bit more positive about my study than what I originally was.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~