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A Litte bit of everything

Walking around in Oslo and seeing lot of cool stuff~

Finally found some time to blog a few pictures from my last day in Oslo, when I went there for a weekend. We went to this awesome market where stands sold a lot of different stuff. It was pretty awesome, as said.

Saw this awesome pink Christmas tree on our way to the marked~

These necklaces were so pretty! I regret not buying one..

Then we went to the roof of Operahuset once again. The scenery there is sooo pretty and since I had with my SLR this time, I just had to go there again. The light was perfect to. Love all the pictures I took there.

When the light is right it's so beautiful~

It must be one of my favorite places in Oslo. I love the view, the buildings around, just everything. Oh and I really adored all the christmas decorations that where up already. It was almost romantic walking beneath it all.

Ah, I got this christmas feeling so big I don't know what to do~

Okay that’s a lie. I have a lot to do before I travel home tomorrow. One thing is writing a packing list to make sure I don’t forget anything. Then I have to o through what I have packed.  Deciding what clothes to take with me is always the hardest part. I want to dress up all through christmas break. I don’t want to be just regular.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~   – EdgyPop

Coffee, Wheat bun & Joy

Oslo day 2: Hm, I really didn’t take much pictures this day. I guess I was busy shopping! I was hunting for a new knitted sweater but ended up with a new skirt! I never end up buying what I actually aimed for. Oh well. Got me a new Monki skirt. Its lovely. I posted a picture of it on twitter. It will probably end up in some outfit pictures soon for those who missed it.

We also went to this cute cafe/bakery thingy, so nice~

Everything was so cute, the huge buns the decorations~

Not-over-the-top cute, just cute. I have no I idea what the place was called anymore, I should ask my friend. It was a perfect place to sit down and have a friendly chat. While we sat there a woman came and asked me where I had bought my shirt. I was wearing my lovely dog shirt~ She really liked it.

I miss going out and drinking Café Latte with friends, I’m only drinking black coffee these days. The biggest effect of being a student. Oh well.. I miss Oslo, I miss my friend Live, so so much. I’m looking forward to meeting her, and Hilde and other friends again during my Christmas break!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~ – EdgyPop

Where There’s Always Friday

Oslo day 1: Technically it was day two, but since I arrived late the day before I count Friday as the first day in Oslo. Sadly I didn’t take many pictures during the trip. Once again I’m gonna blame it on being laptop free, but also the tiny memory card I have on my SLR. So I was quite selective with what I took pictures of.

But when you go out eating with a friend, you take pictures~

Specially when the place is pretty awesome, I loved it!

The interior was pretty well planned, even the reflections in the mirror match with whats on the wall behind. I  was pretty amazed. And I ate the strongest Bruchetta I’ve ever eaten. So much garlic! My mouth is pretty sensitive when it comes to strong food.

But it tasted so good I had to eat it all~

Ever been at Friday’s? Well, if you haven’t you should go there. Even the uniforms the waitress wore amazed me. Maybe I’m just not that used to places with a well-executed concept, or I just love unit places way to much.

I’m struggling to remember what we did that day since it’s a while ago. I think we went to my friends school since she had an errand there, then we went eating and walking around. At the evening we meet up with my buddy cuz I had a photoshoot-deal with him. Later on we went home and watched a Kaizers Orchestra Live Dvd. My BFF is so hooked on them, its cute~

Okay, so I guess I did a few things during that day after all. It was a lovely day. Going to Oslo for me isn’t about rushing around, doing shopping, seeing this and seeing that. I go there because of the place, and my friends living there. I like how I can just travel to that city and feel relaxed.

But I also didn’t do much shopping because I couldn’t afford it…..

XXXXX ([]u[])// – EdgyPop

Study, test, repeat, Oslo!


That’s how my days looks like. Studying today, test tomorrow, studying tomorrow night, test on Thursday. Then about 2 and a half hour after I’m done I’ll get on the train aiming for Oslo!

It is going to be really nice after such a week, to just travel somewhere and relax. Spend some quality time with my BFF! Hopefully I get to spend some time with my BBF(best budy forever) too, not only standing model for him.

And the big + : change in environment! A bigger city. Missed Oslo pretty much. Trondheim is becoming too smal for me

XXXXX ([]u[])


Oslo: Last shopping!

Well here it is! This is what I shopped at Desucon and on the last days in Oslo. I had such a great time, so thanks a lot to my friend Live-chan for that! I also stayed two nights in Bodø after arriving. One nigh at Live-chan and one night at Hilde. It was nice to see her too again!

Now I need to help mom with making the food for BBQ ready. Gonna marinade scampi in garlic, yummi! I am so looking forward to this. The weather is so nice today to, been sunbathing four hours.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Sightseeing: Architecture in Oslo

Some pictures I took during our route from Akerhus Fortress, the Royal Palace of Oslo and to the city. Just wanted to post them.

Right now I’m in Bodø at my friend Hilde’s place. We’re just relaxing with a bunch of candies and music. Just talking and catching up with each other!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~